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Lately, I’ve been playing catch up on my photography assignments and I thought I’d share a few. The first one is a portrait of my sister’s new friend, Cesar. She named him after we found him picking through a garbage in a local forest preserve. As we got closer, Cesar scurried up a tree and patiently waited for us to leave so he could resume his garbage sorting, resulting in this photo. I have issues with animal photography. And by issues I mean that I take an overwhelming amount of animal photographs, get home, look through them and then have no idea what to do with them. Do I need photographs of raccoon in my photo library? No, probably not. Will I look back fondly on this moment and remember Cesar? No, I’ll probably forget. And yet, I took the time to set up my tripod and return home with about 15 photos of a raccoon on a tree. I have no self-control when it comes to animals.


Next two photos, we got a landscape and a flower. Both of which I find incredibly boring to photograph, but I didn’t mind the way these turned out. They’re pretty, I suppose, but I don’t necessarily think pretty means interesting. They just don’t tell enough of a story. If it were totally up to me and not up to my assignment, I’d be photographing people instead :)

IMG_9447 IMG_9636-2

Which brings us to the last two, one- a portrait with my limited light setup and two- with a brave little sister who braved candles being waved behind her head for a half an hour and sitting in the dark with raccoon families walking around.  Turns out she changed her mind and is actually terrified of them.


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