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Here’s my latest excuse for blog slacking, because I’m fuuuuulll of them :)  I’ve been working on finishing up some websites, and along with classes and family and friends and odds and ends jobs, I’ve had little time for much else.  Which means certain things were pushed aside, like my promises to myself that I would get back on track with blogging.  But here it is :) the third blog of the week!  It makes me feel pretty darn accomplished.  Anyway, here’s


And Law

Part of the reason I enjoy this kind of work (i.e. logo, business card, website design) is that I love working with entrepreneurs.  I love that energy and excitement that comes with starting or developing a business.  In fact, I feed off of that energy, it gets me excited about my own business :) Also, it’s fun figuring out what people want even if it’s sometimes hard to verbalize something that has not been made yet.  If you’re interested, here’s some of the process behind each of their logos and that very first logo I did that was almost stolen (but actually, it was just me being dramatic).

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