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My latest quest as a perpetual student is learning letterpress.  Turns out I’m not in love with letterpress (yet?  I’ve only had two classes…)  My thinking is, you have to really love playing with those tiny little letters (at least in my case they were tiny) and you must love limitations.  For my purposes, I think that maybe I’ll prefer working with polymer plates instead.  I cannot verify this yet, but from what I understand, I will get about the same result from polymer plates as from type with quite a bit less work.  Which is how I try to live my life :) the worst thing you can tell me to do is unnecessary work.  I’m sure serious letterpress printers are cringing at this, but I’m not a serious letterpress printer (obviously).  Also, as you can see below, there are so many things that could go wrong with letterpress, and while I’m usually all for mistakes, I would prefer that all the letters in the word would print.  I know that these are all problems that could be fixed, but they take time and I’d rather spend my time doing something else.  Before I end, I should sneak in a disclaimer that I may be saying all this prematurely and that I may tell you in the next couple of weeks that I’ve fallen in love with traditional type letterpress, but that’s my initial impression… until then.


I was so sure I did everything beautifully, but then when I printed, it turned out I had grabbed the commas instead of periods and changed my email to ofni instead of info :)  Clearly, I’m not a natural at writing upside down and backwards.  If you’re interested in seeing some of the letterpress machines in action or want t a general idea of how letterpress works, here’s a great video.  But you should be genuinely interested :) the video’s a bit long!

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