Life’s curve balls and current projects

It’s funny how life throws you curve balls at moments when you least expect it. Now, I didn’t get a huge one thrown at me recently, just a couple small ones that have slowed me down, but I’ve been thinking about how this affects us. For me, the little changes that have taken place have kept me from doing work, from focusing and have forced me to readjust. And I guess that’s something that we’ll never stop doing, readjusting to new circumstances for the rest of our lives. In all the mess, we’ll just have to try and keep clear what it is we want to get out of all this. And that’s what I’ve been having trouble with this week. I wasn’t feeling well and that translated to a none-of-this-matters/this-is-all-silly/what-am-I-doing-with-my-life attitude. Completely melodramatic. I’m recovering now, from both being sick as well as that little crisis. Or trying to anyway. Times like these is when I need to hear some inspirational stories :) so I’ll probably dig into some book and blog reading this weekend.

I’ve been working on a new series or watercolor and ink drawings, and I almost hesitate to say that because the project is in the very very very beginning stages still and I’m not sure how committed I am to it yet. But here it is, I’m putting it on the internet and therefore it must be true, right?


I’ve also been working on some work for others, which meant I got to spend this past Sunday afternoon with these cool cats. You’d have to ask them, but I think I did a pretty good job pretending like I knew what I was doing :) (which is usually my attitude, fake it till you make it, or should I not be sharing that?) We hit a couple issues here and there, but I can now say I’ve got a pretty good handle on vynil design and installation. Can I add that to my resume?


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