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Lots of craziness going on lately, with all my photo, letterpress and dance classes finishing, scrambling around to get ready for Christmas, doing some logo design work, some photo work and some artwork, all in this depressingly cold Chicago weather.  I’m excited to just take a breather, have nothing planned for a weekend for once and maybe even sleep in :).  And then of course, restart the cycle of craziness once January starts again!  In the meantime, I’ll share some logo designs I’ve been working on and some of the versions that didn’t quite make the cut.  After asking lots of questions to get a good starting point, I usually like to come up with a couple ideas and then just go back and forth to dwindle down all the possibilities.  The result is usually a mix of a number of the initial ideas.  This first one is for a hair designer, Dorthi, who can do some pretty amazing stuff with hair :)  This is the final design we came up with:


I don’t want to call these the rejects, because I created them and they all feel like my children in some vague and distorted way, but here they are… the rejects:



Next, we have a lawyer, or more specifically, Stanislaw J. Skupien.  Now, I don’t have any professional experience with Stanley as a lawyer like I do with Dorthi and her hair skills, but I do know him well and can only assume that he can do some pretty awesome stuff with the… law (is that right?) Regardless, here’s the final design for Stanley:Final Logo

And, just like last time, here’s the rough drafts of the ideas we started with:Print

And if we really want to go back, it all started in my sketchbook.  I’ve found it really hard to start anything digital in the digital realm.  I suppose that’s the more traditional artist in me, I always have to start with some paper.  Only after that’s done can I convert it to digital, I just can’t seem to bring myself to be as creative when it comes to technology.  I think it also helps to just see what I’ve got so far, instead of flipping through files, just having it all there on one page for reference.  Oh and also, I get to mess up a lot, which often results in happy accidents :)




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