Marathon weekend!

After a few months of training (some months training like a pro, some months following a very relaxed schedule), marathon weekend has come!  I by no means feel ready, but I don’t think I’d feel ready to run a marathon under ANY circumstances, so I’m going to run (walk, crawl…) it anyway and see what happens :)

I watched this video to get ‘familiar’ with the course, which apparently runners like to do, and it has terrified me.  My stomach hurts just from watching that.  Thankfully, if the half-marathon has taught me anything, is that I get caught up in the excitement, and I’m hoping that this will be enough to push me through to the end.  Also, I have a few friends that will be cheering me on along the way, so I’m determined to look good as I speed by them :D  Speed being a loose term for moving by them at a speed greater than 0mph.  Anyway, several precautions I’ll be taking these last few days:

Enter the runner state of mind.


Loading up a bit on my pasta, bread and general carb intake over the next few days, but not excessively so.  I will not eat more than usual, but I will eat more carbs than I do in my regular diet.

Getting a great night’s sleep in on Friday and making sure I get a decent amount in on Saturday.  I’ve read numerous times that the most important night of sleep is two nights before.  Therefore, if running on a Sunday morning, a great Friday night’s sleep will be essential.

Hydrating like nobody’s business.  Although this year’s marathon will not be supplemented by 90 degree weather (!), hydration will still be super important and keep me from collapsing.  Although there is such a thing as over hydrating, I am more concerned about not drinking enough.

Figure out what equipment/hydration/apparel/etc. I want to use this race.  I know for certain I want to use my compression socks, since they are a godsend as far as recovery goes, I know I want my headband made of some natural material, I know I want to use my blue Nike shorts… But I’m still considering my hydration belt, my arm band, my headphones and iPhone and whether or not I want to use gels.  Decisions, decisions…

As far as mental preparation goes, I will prepare some music.  Although I highly prefer to run without music, I want to have a back up in case I need it.  I will re-read some sections from  The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer and have some tricks under my belt to convince myself to keep running.  (One of my favorites involves imagining I am tied to the runner in front of me with a large rubber band…)

Buy bagels for my marathon breakfast :)

“I’ve learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It’s a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible.”

-John Hanc, running writer

I’m very excited to run the marathon and I’m thankful to have a few familiar faces in the crowd. It’ll be nice to look forward to see the support!  My mother is still trying to convince me not to run and offering very thought provoking arguments such as “why in the world would anyone want to run 26.2 miles?”, but let’s pretend she just knows that’ll make me want to finish it more :)

Also, does anyone know why in the world I signed up to run 26.2 miles?

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