Megan Sterling’s The Space Between

I don’t recall exactly how I came across Megan Sterling’s art, but perhaps it was locally since she’s currently living in Chicago.  I do, however, know I really enjoyed seeing her work and noted her name when I saw images from her series The Space Between.

Sterling5 Sterling3

I find Sterling’s oversize depictions of limbs very interesting in the way that they interact with the viewer, whether they wish to be interacted with or not.  This is not a small drawing, clearly separated from us through one framing technique or another.  Sterling’s drawings enter into our space and demand response and interaction.  As someone who has made small 3″ x 4″ drawings, as well as 6′ x 6′ drawings, I always appreciate how different artists play around with space and size.  Imagine this exact piece, but life size.  Seeing life size finger drawings on a wall will certainly not only change the content of the piece, but also the way the viewers view it and interact with it.

Sterling4 Sterling6

Here is a blurb take from Sterling’s website:

This figurative series focuses specifically on the point of contact of hands and feet to explore expansive aspects of liminal space, longing and confrontation of the body. I am interested in utilizing gesture and implied pressure (or lack thereof) to generate a physical tension that transcends to the psychological. I utilize art historical references, scale and space to create suggestive scenarios to challenge the viewer’s assumptions and expectations, often causing initial impressions to be shifted by the peculiar suggestions of the fragmented limbs. Concentration on the disembodied limbs is significant in proposing conflicting functions as anonymous yet strangely personified and individual.


I’m just including some of my favorites, but you can visit Sterling’s website for more images and other works.

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