Miaz Brothers’ Paintings

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know I embrace drips and splatter.  It won’t be a surprise then, that I keep going back to these Miaz brothers paintings.  Because they are beautiful.

Miaz Brothers painting Miaz Brothers 2

There’s something about these drips and marks that makes me thing of landscape, that mimics how organic landscape, and nature for that matter, is.  Ready for some deep thinking?  Maybe that’s what I always enjoy about drips and spills, they do not pretend to be clean and polished because life is never clean and polished.  It is full of spills and accidents, ones that we often aren’t too quick to embrace, but perhaps we should.  Anyway, back to staring and trying to make sense of this artwork :)  If you’re done with that, here’s some more work by the Miaz brothers and the only bio I could find about this Italian duo: Roberto and Renato Miaz.

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