Mini Grant Update (er… the grant is not mini, the update is!)

An update on the giant that is my grant project.  I’ve made some progress of the 9/11 book (or books, now that I am reconsidering the scale of this project), but most of it is not progress that I can photograph :)  Meaning I’ve made decisions and done more research and printed, printed printed in preparation for all the image transfer I will be doing. Here is a little peak into what did get done.  I am working out the binding as well as I go.  I have ordered some steel sheet samples to see if I could do anything with that.  I’m also considering leather, but it seems a bit too traditional for the project I’m doing…  Too clean and luxurious?

And, per usual, Misiu starting off just lounging, but really diving in as the night went on!  And as relaxed as I am about my artwork, he is only ‘taking care’ of the pieces I did not need, so no significant changes were made to the actual piece.  I opted out of his suggestions, as great as they were :)

I also put in more time to do more paper research for transfers after figuring out Somerset was not readily available.  I had some not so great tests:

And some I got pretty excited about:

As a result of all this testing, I found that Sappi McCoy works just as well :)  And unlike Somerset, it is not a web paper, which means I can print on it using a regular old laserjet and it comes in sheets instead of rolls.  However, I then ran into another problem, realizing that this paper was only sold in bulk at the places I found.  Which means… I posed as a company (since they wouldn’t sell to me unless I pretended to be a company…) and bought it in bulk :D Which also means I have too many boxes of paper sitting around my room and hardly any floor space when you factor in all the other grant related work that is taking up space!  I have a little path made so I can get around, but some would call this space unlivable :)

I also got to play a bit more with my hole punch:

Next week, I hope to have some pages started and start to organize the enormous amount of information I’ve been gathering over the past few months.

This project is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


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