More photo portraits!

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Last week, I played a little more with portrait photography, courtesy of a good friend and a good little sister :)  There are still some technical issue that I would like to figure out, but I think I will get there slowly.  Baby steps :)  I was also told by my highly opinionated and not afraid to be honest models that I have to work a little on posing people, so that’s something I’d like to work on.  The results of my lack of expertise in posing ended up in hand puppets in our last pictures…!  A great deal of my photography is candid, whether it is travel or event, so figuring out how to arrange people in a photograph is not my area of expertise :)  (And, judging by these photos, neither is getting a white background…)  I just finished my detachable flash class so I think my next experiments will be outside of the studio.

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