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It’s hard to throw in the towel and move on after so much time has already been invested in a project. But it’s also hard to keep working on a project that you lost all interest in… So that’s what I did last week. I gave up on this first piece. I tossed it. And by ‘tossed it’ I, of course, mean carefully rolled it up with some glassine and am storing it safely in a tube until I feel ok about tossing it or fixing it (my version of ‘tossing it’!) I think the issue was that I was working too small for the image and as soon as I got past the face, I got extremely bored and found it so hard to work on the clothes or the background. So, to fix that, I’ll pretty much only be working on the face with the next piece, face and hands. That should fix it, right? In other news, I went from working on zero personal projects to five, which is a kind of a great feeling :) If you’re wondering about the weird glove in the bottom picture, it’s not because I’m pretending I entered the medical field like two many of my friends, (this is a bad pun, I only have two friends in the medical field :) but that’s still more than I would have thought!) it’s just to keep the graphite from smearing, nothing worse than getting it right and then having to fix it!




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