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I took a couple sculpture classes in college and thought I’d share some of the amateur sculpture work I made (and that one work I started and quickly learned that sometimes it is just fine to abandon a project!).  What I really enjoyed about sculpture was that you can start with a lump of clay or a piece of plaster and can transform it into anything and everything.  It’s like starting with a blank sheet of paper, the possibilities are overwhelming and often I don’t even know where to begin.  With sculpture, I also found that not being very familiar with the materials made everything quite a bit harder for me.  With the clay piece above, shaping the tiny little pieces was impossible when working with your hands because it would get warm and sticky :-/  I learned later that I would have wanted to that using tools (think dentist tools) made everything a lot easier.

30207_406043518520_3985543_n 30207_406043503520_6733237_n

This piece above was made entirely out of plaster and it was very hard not be break the tiny little details.  It also took absolutely forever to make so I decided to play with that idea in my presentation, putting the object that I worked on meticulously for weeks under a wobbly stool.  While I enjoyed by time with sculpture, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as my more 2-D work.

DSC09076-1 DSC09075-1 DSC09074-1

 Case in point: this guy below.  He started as a very promising project, I was going to carve in an interesting guy I took a photo of during my travels into my travel guide books.  I worked on the face for weeks, tried multiple drills, multiple set ups, multiple techniques.  I’m sure if I had invested more time into it, eventually it would have resembled the image of the finished piece I had in my mind, but at a certain point I knew it was just time to move on.  I know quitters get a bad rep, but it’s different when you’re no longer enjoying it :)  And I was very very done with this guy.

IMG_0836-2 IMG_0837 IMG_0838
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