My issues with doodling and sketching

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As far back as grade school, I was the art kid. Starting with my award winning 2nd grade drawing of Clifford, to my 5th grade Rugrats drawing business, to middle school where I was frequently pulled out of class to make decorations for classes or plays, to high school where instead of catching up on English I was painting the teacher’s podium along with a fellow art geek. The thing is, I don’t think I had anything about me that screamed ‘artist’. I didn’t dress particularly creatively, I didn’t really talk art too frequently and I didn’t doodle or draw too often outside of the art studios or classes. That last one bothered me. It’s been bothering me since some high school non-art geeks told me that I probably sit around in all my classes and doodle and draw and sketch. I had to explain to them that I didn’t, but they still wouldn’t believe me. Since then I wished they were right. Having a whole notebook of ideas would be such a lifesaver for when I feel stuck!

One of my college professors suggested that the most important thing we can do as artists is draw everyday. Whether its 5 minutes or 2 hours, she told us that it is essential to her own practice and has seen it work for many other artists. So, feeling like I need a little something to boost my creativity and relieve some stress about a month ago, I bought a nice sketchbook and proceeded to start my daily drawings. I drew a tree and some fruit. I also wrote a quote down. My habit went strong for two whole days…! It’s embarrassing how short lived that idea was. But I’m ready to dive in again and give it another try. Maybe if I declare it publicly it’ll work better? And maybe if I get anything good going I’ll share it.

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