Nashville – Music City Part I

I got back from Nashville with two amazing ladies on Monday night, happy as a clam and with a new found appreciation for country music, trucks and fried green tomatoes.  Since I have many pictures to share, I’ll break it into a couple posts :)  Starting with what I found to be the number one attribute: ALL the live music!

Seriously… ALL THE LIVE MUSIC.  I mentioned before that I love live music, so needless to say, they fact that I could walk the streets of Nashville at noon on Monday and still have at least a dozen of performances to choose from was amazing.  And it wasn’t exclusively country, although that seemed to be the go to, I also heard the Beatles, Sara Bareilles, AC/DC, etc.  Some songs more countrified than others and all absolutely wonderful :)

Since Nashville has a fairly small downtown, we were able to walk everywhere and spend all day wandering from venue to venue (read: bar to bar) listening to various performers.  The wonderful thing about Nashville is it brings together so many different people, 16 year olds who moved there with their parents in hopes of making it big to divorced middle aged men who throw in ex-wife insults in between songs.  But there’s a certain passion in each performer, hope as they hand out business cards (sometimes even sexy business cards- see middle image below), pride as they share their accomplishments and gratitude when you enjoy their performance enough to throw money into their tip jars.  It was wonderful wandering around town, not knowing what sort of performer and crowd you may encounter next.

One of the most memorable venues was Wildhorse Saloon.  (Perhaps it was one of the most memorable because we spent 5-6 hours line dancing there…) The gentleman in the middle photograph below is one half of the band Brother Trouble and were kind enough to play along as we at first struggle with the concept of line dancing but slowly and surely figured it out.  You can see my two travel companions killing it in the video below :)

Due to my well documented obsession with street performers (as seen here or here or here or here), I also have to share this new gem.  Please note that the woman that is sitting is playing with spoons.  I was completely fascinated.

Continued in Part II and Part III!

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