Nashville Part II

In between all the live music, causing trouble for the local pizza delivery men and exclaiming “guys… I love Nashville!” every 30 minutes, we also did a couple other exciting things.  The first was visiting Studio B, where most famously, Elvis Presley recorded many of his hits, but also other musicians such as Dolly Parton, Dottie West, Jim Reeves, etc.

The piano that Elvis sat, sang, played on is still in the studio, as our guide excitedly told us.  He also explained that Elvis was really into setting the mood for his songs, so he would do things such as decorate the studio with Christmas decorations in the middle of the summer while recording his holiday album, as well as recording ‘If I Can Dream‘ in the dark.  To demonstrate how the studio looks in the dark, our guide turned off all the lights in the studio for a solid ten minutes during our tour :)  In between all this, I did snap some photos of these here instruments, still in use today.

After Studio B, we headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame, where we viewed many stylish outfits (this I will never understand…), personalized cowboy boots and sweet guitars.

Upon hearing that Nashville had free buses (when will Chicago jump on that bandwagon?) to certain areas, we even ventured outside of the 5 block by 5 block bubble that is downtown, to the apparently edgy part of the city, the Gulch, where we tried to visit our best friend Taylor Swift but she wasn’t home.  (Did you know T. Swift moved to Nashville at the age of 14 to ‘make it big’? …I can only hope that one of the performers we saw over the weekend makes it big as well and I can say I had a small part in their success).  Anyway, we found ourselves at Two Old Hippies and I found myself entering their guitar rooms (and drooling) over and over again, wishing I had big bucks to spend on one of these beauties, knowing full well that none of them will make me sound better, no matter how fancy.  But it did inspire me to go back to guitar, so I will be looking into next session courses at the Old Town School of Folk Music :)

Last, but not least, one of more notable places we visited (at least for me), is the Hatch Show Print.  It is one of the oldest letterpress shops in America, where posters for the likes of Johnny Cash, as well as more modern musicians such as Garth Brooks.  While fancy guitars make me want to continue fine tuning my horribly elementary guitar skills, this print shop made me want to learn letterpress, so I will be looking into that, as Spudnik, of course.  If you are interested to learn about letterpress, they have a great video that talks about the process, as well as the history of the shop.

One last Nashville post coming to you early next week, this time with some more general sights around the city :)

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