New publication! 500 Handmade Books Vol. 2

When I got a mystery package a couple days ago and found that someone had sent me a copy of 500 Handmade Books Vol. 2.  Now, if I’m going to be completely honest, the first conclusion I jumped to was that I had finally made it as a blogger.  I was getting free stuff!  I could quit my day job, I could quit that silly art thing I do and just blog and have people send me stuff!  (that’s how this works, right?!)  They probably sent me this book because I am an amazing blogger and they are dying to be included on this awesome blog.  They didn’t write a note because they were just in such a rush to get it to me.  Probably.


The idea that I might be included in the book, because I sent in an application a year ago to be included in this curated book since I make handmade books did not click until well after it should have (but seriously, a note or explanation would have been nice!).  At which point, I realized I may not make it as a blogger, but maybe I’m doing something right with the art thing :)  Regardless of how long it took me to figure out that I was indeed still first an artist and then a blogger, I am so excited to share that my book, Wolność i Prawda is included in 500 Handmade Books Vol. 2. juried by Julie Chen.  Page 186, if you’re interested.  In fact, here’s what it looks like, if you’re interested (you should be):

500 Handmade Books Vol. 2

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  1. Suzanne Coley says:

    Congratulations! I am going to buy the book! I saw your artist’s book in person at Target Gallery– Great Work.


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