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When I was in New York earlier this month, I participated in a New York Photo Safari led by a great photographer and instructor named Zim (who is actually also the owner of the business).  While I’ve taken quite a few photography classes, it’s quite different getting feedback after the fact versus while actually taking the photos.  I loved the tour and feel like it made me realize that I could be a bit more deliberate when taking photos.  I’ll share a couple of the photos I took on the safari and some things that stuck with me since the tour.

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Take photos from different angles.  Even if you think the first angle is the absolute best one, move your head, move lower, move to the sides.  Keep shooting, don’t stop and check each image because you might miss your picture in the process.

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Taking a step back and zooming in can change the entire composition of the photograph and definitely changes the relationship between the foreground and the background.  Also, everything condenses and looks much more crowded in you’re going for that look.

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Pay attention to lines.  I find buildings incredibly boring to photograph, but I’m beginning to realize that maybe that’s because I’m not entirely sure how to make them interesting.  Working with Zim made me see the different possibilities of working with lines, reflections and multiple buildings.

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This lesson is my favorite: Don’t be greedy.  Pick ONE thing and photograph it.  Do not try to fit everything into one photograph, instead pick one thing and make it interesting.  Save the other stuff for a different photograph or at least make sure the the background is actually a background and is not battling for attention with the main subject.

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Lastly, don’t be afraid to step into traffic.  Just kidding, that’s not actually a lesson.  Stay safe.  But do try new perspectives, get low to the ground and alongside the cars on the street.  Make the viewpoint a bit more dramatic.

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