NYC and DC odds and ends

I’m left with (probably) just two posts from this past trip to NYC and DC, one with these odds and ends and another with some art odds and ends.  First, some images from NYC, the first two from the Brooklyn Bridge which I got to tack onto the trip last minute and the next three from High Line Park (check out the story behind the park, it’s a pretty great idea and it looks like Chicago’s looking to get one of its own).

IMG_0537 IMG_0547


IMG_0558 IMG_0574

Next, here’s some DC shots.  The first three are photos of some very new friends that I had only met fairly recently, Jill and Malika on the left, and some very old friends whom I’ve known for years and years, Greg and Taylor on the right.  Thanks to all of them for making my trip fun :)

IMG_0712 IMG_0717


This one below is a shot from my iPhone, and it’s one of those that I wish I had taken with my camera… Anyway, meet Greg, one of my closest friends and a future doctor :)  In between being sick and having a busy schedule full of med school, he still wandered from depressing galleries to depressing museums, crying with me all over DC.  (Last time I visited Greg we spent two days at the Holocaust Museum, this time we cried at the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery and 9/11 exhibit at the Newseum, as well as the WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.  I cannot say enough good things about all of these exhibits!).  Followed by a rare shot of me, thanks to Malika who took my photo despite my protests :) and a shot of Greg, myself and Malika on a bike ride to the monuments (followed by two decent shots I got).

IMG_8276 IMG_0754


IMG_0771 IMG_0772
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