Odds and Ends of San Francisco

I think what I love most about large cities is all the different communities that form within. While I think everyone has some vague idea of what it means live in San Francisco, it really does not mean anything. There is so much variation, so many groups and so many different beliefs, connections, etc. I wasn’t quite as good about taking pictures this trip, since it was a mom trip and San Francisco, at this point, feels pretty familiar, but here are a couple photos that I did get to snap:

Fisherman’s Wharf and surrounding area:

SF-1 SF-4

SF-3 SF-2



I realize that this photo isn’t the best (or good at all…) but I was amazed to see this little fortune cookie factory and had to include it. This woman is folding the cookies BY HAND. Also, they are delicious when they are fresh.SF-7 SF-6


SF-9 SF-11 SF-10

And two randoms from a jazz street festival and Lombard Street with the lady that keeps welcoming me back and patiently waiting for me to setup my photos without complaining :)

SF-13 SF-12

Last but not least, I bought this t-shirt from a local screenprinter for my little brother. I think it’s pretty damn cool:


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