Pet Parade

Marching Band at Pet Parade

Over the weekend, my little brother (see above) participated in the marching band portion of a local pet parade.  And by pet parade, I mean a dog parade with a few confused ferrets.  All this means is I got to take pictures of lots of dogs :)  (see below)

Dog Parade Dog Parade Spectators Dogs Pet Parade-8 Pet Parade-7 Dogs Petparade-4 PetParade-2

Misiu puppy dog came as a spectator and to show everyone that you don’t have to be in the parade to be adorable.  And to scare the little dog next to us.



And here’s one of the aforementioned confused ferrets who thought ‘pet parade’ meant other pets were going to be involved :)  Props for being one of the few brave non-dogs that showed!


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