Photo (Almost) Selfies

Ok, so I know that these aren’t quite selfies, but I’m posting them and they are of the self, so they are ALMOST selfies.  More accurately, they are behind the scenes photos of me taking photos, and I love behind the scenes stuff.  Photos are courtesy of my friend Casey :)

securedownload IMG_5710 IMG_4467

That was a long day of photographing, some of it in the freezing cold with some troopers who braved the weather. Although last time we had a photo session scheduled, there was a tornado warning, so I suppose this was mild compared to our original plan. I’ll share those in a little bit. In the meantime, here are a couple from the studio photo session:

20131201_EandS_017 20131201_Maggie_056 20131201_Maggie_058
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