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Part of last week’s assignment for my photo class was to make a portrait we are proud of. No specifications, no limitations (other than the photo has to be technically sound, aka not blurry or out of focus), just a photo we are proud of. I ended up taking A LOT of portraits. This one above is probably my favorite :)

IMG_9448 IMG_9498

Here’s some of the siblings as well, since they’ve been so kind to let me photograph them ever since they were babies. Also, they’re fun to photograph because it’s really hard to take them seriously.  (That’s my hand, messing up my brother’s already unmanageable hair)

IMG_9234 IMG_9436

And, the subject of my many, many, many photographs, this pup:


These next two weeks are jam-packed with stuff I’d like to get done and people I’d like to see before the new year. I’ll be moving into a new studio this week, seeing War Horse and Book of Mormon, being geeky and doing my annual review (I’ll explain later, but I’ve been looking forward to this for too long), finishing up Christmas gifts and seeing some friends from out of town.  I’m looking forward to it all :)

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