Lately, I’m trying to get back into some of my hobbies and routines after taking a brief hiatus on everything.  Which means I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do on applying to shows and exhibitions, my insane(ly bad) guitar skills, and maybe most importantly, my photography program.  As I’m trying to complete some of the assignments, I found myself thinking back to some of the photographers that have stood out for me.  I’ve talked a bit about some artists I love (like Giacometti, Kathe Kollwitz or Ezra Jack Keats), but I haven’t spent too much time on photographers.  Here’s a couple that I always seem to come back to:

Robert Frank frank-058 frank-001 65_robert-frank_-rodeo-new-york-city_1954 18_robert-frank_trolley-new-orleans_1955

Robert Frank’s The Americans is one of the first photography books I bought.   I love his work and how important it is historically.  I’ve also been digging into American history lately.  I’ve always had a deep interest in European history, but only recently have I been pulled to learn more about the US. Sally Mann Sally-Mann-Photography-9 Sally_Mann_Family_Pictures_16 sally_mann_family_pictures_14 Sally_Mann_Family_Pictures_09 I mostly love the photographs of her kids.  Having been a nanny/sitter for more than half of my life makes me quite partial to photographs of kids.  Especially when they are this thought provoking.  PBS did a great short piece on her:

Watch Place on PBS. See more from ART:21.

And last but not least, Diane Arbus

DIANE-ARBUS-Teenage-couple-on-Hudson-street-New-York-1963 diane arbus christmas tree Diane-Arbus-Child-with-Toy-Hand-Grenade-in-Central-Park-New-York-City-1962 diane-arbus

Diane Arbus photographed the odd people out, the outsiders (giants, dwarves, circus performers, etc.).  I like to think that we all have oddities, some of us just have more apparent ones than others.  But there’s a certain beauty in the odd and the unique, isn’t there?

So, looking back at the photographs I chose to share, it looks like I gravitate towards black and white and slightly off-putting.  Which can also sometimes be a very accurate description of my artwork, so it’s likely that nobody who has seen my artwork is surprised.  This influence must have skipped my photo tendencies however, because I don’t think my photography quite fits this description!

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