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Yes, I know it’s Friday, but I’m typing this on Thursday, so humor me and enjoy the end of the week with this ThrowbackThursday pic of Misiu taking the much hated bath back when he was merely a baby puppy and at a reasonable weight.  Is there ever a wrong time to pull out puppy pictures?  Anyway, I hope you didn’t come here looking for any deep and intellectually stimulating content today, because I’m about to disappoint you :)

I promised myself earlier this year that I wouldn’t take on too much and that I would be more focused and deliberate.  And then life happened and now it seems to me that I have too much on my plate and no easy way of catching up.  And so, the blog has been a bit more neglected than usual this week, along with a whole list of other things.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like they’re being pulled in a hundred different directions, it’s not pleasant, right?  I’m now entering that stage that comes right after taking on too much where I eliminate half of what I’m doing in order to balance my life out a bit more.  Which means missing out on some opportunities and experiences, but also maybe gaining peace of mind and a bit of down time.  Also, that should clear up my schedule a bit for the too many tv shows I have lined up this fall :)

This weekend I intend on doing some serious art-seeing and attending some of these shows and events.  And catching up on my never ending to do list in between that.  On the same note, you should all come to the In Progress Benefit Auction at Spudnik Press on September 28th.  One of my drawings is in the auction and my studio will be open for all who want to say hello :)

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  1. Katarzyna says:

    Please add calling me to your weekend list!

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