Polymer Plate Explorations


Here’s the result of my first polymer plate experiment :)  I think it turned out pretty well, at least I’m happy with it.  I took a very liberal interpretation of map and used one line to ‘travel’ through all these buildings and structures.  I almost digitized and perfected the drawing and made it look like this:Clean Outline

It only took me about two hours (which is probably about an hour and a half more than it should have) to realize that I could not get over how much the Colosseum looked like teeth and how much I didn’t like how clean everything looked, so I ended up going back to the original drawing that I had scanned in to make the file for the plate: EPSON MFP image

I did end up having to fix a couple things, like shifting Henry Miller’s name up and fixing that awfully confused-looking Eiffel Tower, but I did manage to keep that original feeling of the drawing.  I’m excited to print out an edition of these on some nice paper that allows for a big satisfying dent that only comes with the letterpress process :)

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