Portraits of Krista

Meet my friend Krista.  Our friendship blossomed after a game of chicken when we both backed ourselves into a corner and ended up in Europe with each other.  Neither one of us wanted to admit that the thought of travelling to countries where neither one of us knew the language terrified us… so we booked our tickets and went :)  During that trip, during which we survived bed bugs and train screw ups, among other things, we got to know each other pretty darn well and still continue to travel here and there.

20131117_Krista_158 20131117_Krista_175 20131117_Krista_177
20131117_Krista_224 20131117_Krista_196 20131117_Krista_241

Other than just being a pretty lady and a great friend, Krista is also a talented dancer, so we did some dancing in the studio and got some pretty fun shots. And by we, I mean Krista did the dancing. I try to only dance in dark and crowded rooms, so that no one can really see what I’m doing. Or in class, since no one can judge me if we’re all learning together. Speaking of dance class (and doing terrifying things with this lady, actually), Krista is also the one who nudged me into it. It’s always great when you have friends to peer pressure you into trying something completely out of your comfort zone :) That way, they can hold you accountable when you want to bail.  And man oh man, did I want to bail.  But after my first class, sweaty hands and all, I realized why she loves it so much.  Thank you to Krista for offering up her modeling services and allowing me to shoot some portraits of her :)


20131117_Krista_260 20131117_Krista_280 20131117_Krista_262


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