Power of Nature

There is something very majestic and beautiful about the power of nature.  Yet, at the same time nature can also be absolutely terrifying.  Especially when it presents itself in the form of a hurricane.  Times like these remind us how little we truly are in the grand scheme of things.  How helpless we are in the wake of a storm of this size.  But it also reminds us how strong we can be as we help each other post storm.  It helps us realize that we are all equal in the eyes of nature, and that no one gets preferential treatment in situations like these, we all have to depend on each other.  It puts all our little problems throughout the day into perspective as you think about how much was lost as a result of the last couple of days.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by the storm.

Photos and more photos of the damage Sandy has caused.  If you’re interested in donating to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund, click here.

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