In Progress: Camel Linoleum Print

Camel-1 Camel-2

I’ve been putting off reprinting this linoleum print for a while now and I didn’t think I had a specific reason… until I pulled out my blocks and found this mess:


You know when sometimes you take short cuts and then end up making the whole thing much harder for yourself?  I do that ALL. THE. TIME.  It’s an awful habit and mindset.  So, in rushing to get my camel cut out, I misaligned him and am now stuck figuring out how I’m going to print the cutout camel.  This process of making mistakes and dealing with it later is always a pain and every time I promise myself I’ll stop.  And then, of course, I don’t.  Maybe I’ll just pull a Munch and color the camel in with a crayon?


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