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I think I may have said that I was done talking about my trip to Washington D.C. a while ago, but I lied.  I haven’t gotten a chance to mention the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery at the Newseum in D.C.  If you’ve been following my blog, you might already know that one of my regular travel experiences involves crying at some gallery and museum and D.C. presented me with plenty of opportunities to do so.  I’m going to try to keep this post light, mostly because most of the photos in the exhibit are incredibly depressing and graphic, so I chose a couple that aren’t quite as hard to deal with.

Olympics in LA

1985: Olimpics in Los Angeles by The Orange County Register Staff


1982: Life in Chicago by John H. White

William C. Beall ~ Faith and Confidence, Pulitzer Prize winner 1958

1958: Faith and Confidence by William C. Beall


2006: The Final Salute by Todd Heisler


1993: Olympics in Barcelona by Ken Geiger and William Snyder


1975: Lull in the Battle by Gerald H. Gay

I liked the exhibit enough to purchase the book, Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs, with all the Pulitzer Prize winners from 1942 up until 2011.  You can also check out some more of the photographs and stories on the Newseum’s Online Exhibit page.  While many of these photographs can tell the story just fine on their own, the book and the online exhibit includes the stories behind the photographs, making them all the more meaningful.  Side note, this gallery of Today’s Front Pages on the Newseum website is also worth checking out.

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