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I wrote about the Rain Room a while back and want to do a little follow up after actually seeing it!  The three hour wait was an experience itself.  It reminded me of when I used to be younger (as of this week, I have officially been around for a quarter of a century…!) and full of energy and willing to wait in line for hours to get in the front row at concerts.  The wait wasn’t made any easier by the insanely hot and muggy weather and yet, I waited.  Along with too many other dedicated art enthusiasts who were ironically using umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun outside while waiting to go inside and not get rained on.

RainRoom-1 RainRoom-2 RainRoom-3

I also want to post these two again (eating cronuts while in line for the Rain Room).  Mainly because I love their dedication to New York and standing in lines.


Once inside, I waited in line some more.  And then some more.  Once it was finally time to go play in the exhibit, it was a bit over three hours later.  Walking around the rain room was pretty darn cool.  It didn’t end up being my favorite installation ever, but I enjoyed it.  I think I’d be more interested in seeing how they actually built it than just walking around in it.  Although I also really enjoyed watching the visitors interact with it.  I’ve always believed that artwork is meaningless without an audience who can apply their own knowledge and experiences to it, and in this case that could not be any more true.

RainRoom-8 RainRoom-9

When I mention that I’ve see it, everyone always asks if it was worth the wait.  I’ve got conflicting feelings about that and keep going back and forth.  Yes and no.  It was worth it for me because I was staying a couple blocks away from MOMA, I had no problem waking up at 6:30am and brought a book for the three hour wait and chatted with the fellow 7:15 arrival time crazies (we had nothing on the 6am crowd though…!)  Also, I was super determined to see it.  But in the end, the exhibit is pretty straightforward, it stops raining wherever you move.  As the woman eating lunch next to me put it, you could have nearly the same exact experience walking with an umbrella :)

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