Rejection, Acceptance and how basically I’m just like Katy Perry

After my last failed attempt at writing about why not everyone loves my work as much as I love my work, here’s attempt two.

As I already established, I’ve come to understand that not every curator will love my work.  My work will not fit into every show.  Even if the curator does love my piece, he or she may also love 60 other works that should also be in the show.  So while it’s always disappointing when I get a “We regret to inform you” letter or email, it’s something that I’ve learned to shake off.  It means that one person out there did not believe that my work was a good fit.  It means that I need to look for more exhibitions to apply to now.  I need to look for publications to submit to.  I need to look for people who will help me get my work out there.  At this point in my career (using this term loosely here), what I find most important is to 1) make work (this one is hard with a full time job and a love to fill my schedule up with other silly things- yoga, guitar, marathon training!) and 2) show that work.  I may put months and months into a work, but what good is it if it just sits around on my floor (usually) or hangs on my wall?  Although I make the work for me in some ways, I also make it for others to interact with and engage in.  It is the same reason someone writes a book or opens a restaurant, to provide something of value to someone else.  So yes, it’s not enjoyable to be told that the piece was not met with marvel and deep appreciation, but it also does not mean much in the grand scheme of things.  I figure that if someone does not want to or does not have the ability to help me get to where I want to get, then I’ll keep looking, someone will.  And now I’m going to make an embarrassing analogy, and compare my career path to that of Katy Perry’s, whose film we saw last night.  I acted as babysitter, not an excited viewer in this scenario.  Although I did view the film and I may be a sap for any success story…

Also, as you can see from my crystal clear photograph, we were the only ones in the theater until, at the last minute, two groups of pre-teen girls invaded our space.  We were offended and they ruined our story of when that one time we were the only ones in the movie theater.  Anyway, it was nice to hear how many times she got rejected before she finally found the right place for herself.  And so, like Katy Perry, I’m searching for a nice spot to settle.

So, with that in mind, I’ve gotten a few rejection emails in the past couple of weeks, but I also got an acceptance email :)  Wolnosc i prawda will be travelling from one coast to the other, as it just finished its visit in California and will soon be making its way to Virginia to hang out with the other pieces at the Target Gallery‘s 25: Target Gallery Celebrates Twenty-Five Years  show.  All the artwork included in the exhibition responds to events that have happened in the last 25 years.  The show will run from September 8-30 with the reception on September 13th and I’m very excited to be included!  I’ll have more information as it gets closer to September!

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