On remaining humble

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I love learning just as much as I love creating and traveling (and eating).  In fact, I could spend the rest of my life just doing those three things and I’d be pretty damn happy.  If you’ve been following along in the blog, you’ll know that this translates into me taking lots of classes on anything and everything.  So, here’s a confession.  Sometimes I get so caught up and excited about the progress I’m making that I make the mistake of starting to feel a bit too confident.  Meaning, I assume I know too much (I don’t, of course, but try telling me that when I’m having a good day and everything’s going right…)  That was me this week.  Specifically, it was me in dance class.  I was feeling awesome earlier this week, I thought I was doing well and getting great feedback and all that.  And then I went to class with a new teacher and was reminded of how little I actually know (and also how absolutely uncoordinated I am and why I should stick to art, but that one’s harder to forget!).  It was a great reminder to remain humble, not to get too cocky and to remember that no matter how much I know, I will never know everything.  This is also useful to remember when I’m doing projects I’ve done many times before and decide that I’m good enough to take shortcuts.  Guys, I’m not good enough to take shortcuts.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that even the people that are good enough to take shortcuts still don’t.  So, I suppose this is a note to the self to remember that no matter how many times we do things, there’s always room to grow.

As for the plant photo, you can get all deep and interpret it as a ‘growing’ metaphor… but if we’re being honest with each other, it’s just me bragging about keeping my studio plant alive for nearly a year now.  I’ve killed many plants, so keeping this one alive has sort of been an accomplishment for me.  (Anyone know if I should start getting nervous about the sad way those leaves are hanging? We’ve gone through so much, I’d hate to lose him now…!)

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