Renegade Fair Recap

I spent my Saturday at the Renegade Fair, browsing through the shops, and volunteering for Spudnik Press.  The fair was filled with handmade jewelry, clothing, art prints, notebooks, etc.

This was one of my favorite booths, with wonderful handmade dolls :)

Another great piece, which reminded me of the Chicago postcard I designed a little while back :)

My little sister’s purchase, her first stache!

The fair was filled with dogs, little ones, sleeping in their bags :) and enormous St. Bernards and everything in between! Misiu joined us at the fair for a little while, but headed home as the crowd and smells and doggie friends sent him into an excited frenzy. During the time he did spend at the fair though, he did get brownie points from everyone because a) he’s adorable and b) because he looked sad with his wrapped up front leg and everyone felt sorry for him… (yet another vet visit tomorrow as we try to figure out what is causing this crazy itchiness)

I spent the evening printing and selling t-shirts for Spudnik. We had a press on site, so people could pick out their woodblock, we’d ink it up and print right there in front of them. I think it’s always more interesting to know how the products you are buying are made, so it was great to see people appreciate the process as much as I do :)

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