San Francisco Artists

As I continue my adventures in San Francisco, I thought it would be fitting to share a couple images from local artists.  Although I’m not doing too much art stuff on this particular trip, I did get to go to SFMOMA last time and I loved it!  I loved the photo exhibit by David Goldblatt they had up at the time.  Having said that, here’s some art:

Charmaine Olivia – I believe she mainly does paintings, but I can’t say I like the paintings more than these sketches.  I love the simplicity, the changing quality of the line and how expressive these simple drawings are.



Kevin Earl Taylor – I can’t not like messy drip art.  It’s my favorite type of art.  I also cannot not like animals.  So this guy’s got two of my major weaknesses covered.kevin_earl_taylor_formula_fertile_2012_ktm_38_550x410_q80 kevin_earl_taylor_the_process_2011_ktm_9_550x410_q80


Maja Ruznic – These two paintings stand out for me.  Similar to the first artist’s sketches, I love the simplicity of these paintings.  Seeing paintings like these always make me wish I had a better handle on controlling paint!

1937260_orig 999106_orig

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