San Francisco views and Coit Tower


Here are some more photos from my trip to San Francisco (in particular, some San Francisco views, as the title of this post suggests). We dedicated one whole day to just walking along the shore, through the piers and the parks, from the Bay Bridge all the way to Golden Gate. It was exhausting but definitely worth it :)

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Along the way, we also climbed up Coit Tower, a landmark that was built in 1933 and has gorgeous views of the city from the top :). It was at one point used as a watch tower for local firefighters. Here’s the view of Coit Tower from the piers:
The climb on foot to the top is really great (although there seems to be no end to it while you’re actually climbing!), it is completely isolated from the streets, covered in plants and trees with birds flying everywhere. Supposedly, there are wild parrots that live throughout the area, but we didn’t spot any, despite my best efforts.

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Another really cool thing about the tower is that the inside is filled with frescos by 27 different artists depicting different aspects of San Francisco city life. The murals were one of the ways the city provided jobs to artists after the Great Depression.

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I’ll have one or two more posts coming from San Francisco because its really hard for me to pick favorite photos…! :)

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