Sandy Hook


It is absolutely heartbreaking and infuriating that so many parents in Newtown have to go to bed each night knowing they will never see their children again.  Replaying the last moments they spent with the children before sending them off to school last Friday.  Knowing that there was no good reason for their children to lose their lives that day.  My thoughts are with these families, who are struggling to get through their days and for whom the absence of a loved one will remain a constant reminder of Friday’s events, long after the media and public will have stopped talking about it.  One of the fathers that lost his daughter spoke out about his experience:

I cannot imagine how it must feel for a parent to lose their child, whether in circumstances like these or any other circumstances that happen each day that are simply not talked about or known about.  I am not a parent myself, but as someone who has spent more than a decade helping parents raise their children, I understand a parent’s unconditional love, the willingness to give up anything and everything for the happiness of a child.  After the tragedy on Friday, I came across this article about being a mother to a child with mental illness.  I think this truly encompasses a parent’s love for a child, a willingness to embrace all the faults, even when they are extreme.  And truly, as much as I am talking about parents at this moment, this goes for the whole community that it takes to raise children, including the teachers and school workers who sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of the children.  It’s amazing to think about the number of lives saved and the heartbreak these individuals prevented because of their bravery.

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

 I think I’ve shared this quote before, but I’d like to share it again.  It is easy to get stuck in our own individual little worlds.  Easy to forget that everyone is dealing with something, that we each have a history, that despite appearances each of us is struggling with something.  Easy to forget that tragedy could strike everywhere and we should never assume that anyone else’s life is easy.  Life is not some sort of competition, we should all be here for each other.

Please make someone else’s life easier by signing this petition to recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group (if you’re not familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church, watch this).  They are making plans to protest at the funerals of the victims and should not be allowed to make this horrible experience even harder.

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