Scary Beautiful

I came across these shoes by Rene van den Berg. While the shoes to me looked quite unimpressive in the photograph, I fell in love with the video.

Scary Beautiful (Leanie van der Vyver) from Lyall Coburn on Vimeo.

Watching this woman struggle while walking in these shoes truly is, as the title proclaims, Scary Beautiful.  Although from what I read these shoes are a statement on the lengths women will go to for beauty, I initially understood it as a much broader idea.  It made me think of the tools we are each provided in life and how some of them are not fit for the job, and yet that is what we have and that is what we can use.  We often try to find reasons as to why others are struggling when we are not.  They do not work hard enough.  They do not share our ideals.  They were not raised right.  And yet, what if it’s just that they need a little help?  What if it’s just the simple tools that we’ve taken for granted that they are lacking?  What if what we are doing is a hundred times harder for them exactly for this reason?


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  1. Kathy & Daniella says:

    Where can we get a pair?

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