Screenprintin’ projects

I spent all day yesterday catching up on some screenprinting projects that have been piling up.  One of the projects has a fun story.  Back in December, I took my little sister shopping and she found a note in one of the dressing rooms.  It was hidden under the seat, so I can’t tell you how she found it, but she did.  It was addressed to ‘whoever finds this’ and I won’t pretend like my immediate reaction wasn’t to make sure my little sister wouldn’t be reading some sort of dark confession or pervy letter, but thankfully it wasn’t that kind of a letter from a stranger :)  I’ll let you read it yourself, but Maggie had asked me to turn it into something she can hang on her wall.  So I blew the letter up a bit and printed a canvas version for her, as well as on some black paper, so here’s that version:

20140204_untitled shoot_118

I love the idea of strangers connecting, and I love the idea that Maggie was not having the best day and this letter really did make a big difference in her mood :) Sometimes, it seems like life knows exactly when to throw us some help, even through little things like this.

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