My assignment this past week for class was two self-selportraits. One portrait with ourselves in it, and one without.  I can’t say I loved the assignment, but I suppose I didn’t hate it either…  Aside from the focus issues (you can’t focus on a figure that is not there, so you sort of have to make do with alternate objects as stand ins and hope that the focus just works out), there’s also the awkward issue of not only being the subject being photographed and making decisions based on the fact that you’d like to present yourself in a certain way, but also being the photographer and making a whole other set of decisions regarding the technical and formal aspects of the photo.  The worst, I think, is that you don’t have anyone but yourself to blame if it doesn’t work out!  Anyway, I won’t say much about my decisions behind these so they could speak for themselves and be interpreted in any way you wish.  Guesses as to why I included elephants in the bottom photograph are welcome in the comments.  I wish I could think of a reason other than I own them and so they must say something about me…?


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