Shea Hembrey’s 100 artists

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Sometimes, the art world gets a bit too stuffy, doesn’t it?  Sometimes, it just needs to throw out a good self-deprecating joke.  Shea Hembrey’s Biennial is that self-deprecating joke.  Now, I know this happened in 2011, so it may be old news to some of you, but it’s new to me, so bear with me.  Here’s the main gist:  Hembrey put together a biennial show, only instead of curating it, he created every piece in the show, along with the 100 artists that supposedly created them.  The works and stories of the artists are ridiculous enough to be funny, but also completely believable and could very well be real.  The whole piece (the biennial, that is) took him about two years to put together while he was living in Elizabeth Gilbert’s barn (what?).  But you’re better off hearing all this from him:

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