So, you wanna follow me, huh?

Well, here are some ways:

You can subscribe to get my eloquent posts delivered STRAIGHT to your email.  Now, keep in mind that they may come at odd times (I still haven’t figured out how they schedule these things… but you might get one on Friday night.  And if that’s the case, drop everything you’re doing, find the nearest couch you can curl up on and read it.)  To subscribe by email, click HERE.

You can also like me on Facebook.  In fact, if you really like me and you wanna help me out, you can even share a post or perhaps see if your friends want to like me as well!  Maybe see if your parents or grandparents want to like me too, while you’re at it.  And your ex-boyfriend. And that girl you once had a class with in high school.  To make our relationship official via Facebook, click HERE.

Finally, if you are a person of few words and/or a minimalist and prefer to fit as much meaning as you can into as few words as possible, I am here for you.  If having me enter your personal inbox space is too much, and you can’t quite commit to ‘liking’ me just yet, you are always and forever welcome to follow me on Twitter.  Whenever you are ready, I welcome you to take the next step and retweet anything or everything I say.  If you’re into the Twitter, you can find me HERE.

You can find all this and more (and by more, I mean there is also a form you can fill out to send me a direct message) on my Contact & Connect page.  If you want our contact to be even more direct, you can email me at

And yes, I’m aware that ‘wanna’ is not a word.  But you’ll have to excuse me, English is my second language.

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