Some early (you could probably call them vintage) Piwowarczyk pieces

It’s always great to see how an artist’s work has developed over the years.  To see the roots–the beginnings.  For this reason, I want to show you some of my very first pieces.  As you can see, the themes have not changed too drastically, as they are all based on my life experiences.  Let me tell you about it.

This first piece is entitled “Summer vacation with Jesus”. This was the time that my mother and I went to the beach. It was inspired by a homework assignment from religion class, as well as my love of swimming.  This second piece is a portrait of one of my closest childhood friends, Pocahontas.  We spent a great deal of time together (Simba also hung out with us a lot, so of course, he is featured in many of my pieces as well).  Notice the attention to detail, if you will, in the two abstract animal representations I included in the tree.  Also, notice how, even at such a tender age (around 7 years old, if I remember correctly), I was amazingly gifted at covering up my mistakes.  Underneath that brown glued on bark, that tree is probably an absolute mess.  But of course, I’m not one to leave things a mess, so I slapped some brown paper on it and called it a collage.

These next two pieces are holiday themed.  The diptych on the left portrays my love for culture, history and tradition.  Although I cannot be certain, I can only assume that the portrait with the snowman is a self-portrait, as I seem to remember those pants.  The piece on the right is one celebrating Easter, again, reflecting my fondness for culture, history and tradition.

Now, these last two pieces that I’d like to share with you (as opposed to the many, many more I could but won’t–you’re welcome.), are some of my experimental pieces.  As a very experimental individual and a vacuum for new information and skills, I am always experimenting with new mediums.  This piece on the left was a piece I started but then decided bead gluing was just not the right medium for me.  As a seasoned artist, I abandoned the piece as soon as I knew it wasn’t working.  As you can see, the medium confused me so much, even the image became more simplistic, less story-like, and… a flower.  The last piece is also experimental in that I don’t know where the hell that came from.  As far as I know, I have never witnessed any fires or baby-saving.  In fact, I don’t even recall drawing this.  Perhaps I didn’t.  I don’t know.  But the depiction of fire is so great, I’m going to say I did.

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