Some encouraging art stats

Way back when I finished undergrad (read: a couple months ago) I took part in a survey organized by Indiana University for arts graduates.  They pulled all the information together into this very nice and easy to navigate site.

I am surprised and encouraged by the results!  75% have been self employed at some point during their career, that’s quite an impressive number.   It’s also fun to see where the most art professionals are located in the US, and so nice to see Chicago be one of the top five, because I really don’t want to leave my city :)

I especially like this little guy below.  Apparently 49% of us have no student loans (I am part of the 51%…) I don’t know about this median student loan debt, I’m not sure I understand where they are getting that $0 from.  Also, I’m going to go ahead and assume since I double majored, I can safely double that salary.  That’s how it works, right? ;)

It looks like the ages of the participants vary widely as well (you can find this in the Annual Report- link below): 

Graduation Cohort
1980 and before 20%
1981–1990 18%
1991–1995 11%
1996–2000 13%
2001–2005 17%
2006–2010 21%

Here’s the website to play around with.  It not only includes visual artists, but also musicians, actors, designers, etc.:

And for even more detail (but less fun), their Annual Report:

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