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Happy Friday everyone!  First of all, there’s some really great work up at the Spudnik Annex right now.  The show is called Walking Driftward and the artist is Hannah Ireland.  The images all have roots in landscape inspired by Ireland’s travels.

This may just be an art geek thing, but one of the things I love about great work is that it can look great on a postcard or a screen and then still impress me in person.  Likewise, it is very disappointing to get excited about a piece through a photograph only to find out that the actual piece is very underwhelming.  Having said that, I was excited about seeing this show when I saw the postcard and was even more impressed in person with all the details, textures and variations.

I hope what I wrote makes sense, I’m having an off couple of days and trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold before it develops.  I think I read and rewrote that paragraph above about ten times before I gave up and decided thinking straight was just not going to happen today.  That’s the best I could do today, sorry guys!  My point is- good show, come see it.  If that’s clear, then my job is done.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to be back with more coherent thoughts next week!

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