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Finally got my studio somewhat functional.  I originally got over-excited and was ready to pour much more time and effort into building furniture, but realized that I’m not exactly sure how long I will be in this space and should probably wait for a more permanent location before I start looking into custom desks :)  So, instead, I went the cheap but very effective route and invested in these fine $15 bookcases and threw some Ikea table tops on them.  This solved my need for A LOT of storage, since I now have 4 shelving units that are doubling as my desk legs.  It also allowed or extra, more temporary storage for my clunky book press and basket full of paper rolls that I have yet to figure out how to store.  I also have this temporary plastic storage thing hanging out until I figure out what to do there.  I may just replace it with a wider version, but it’s good for now.

untitled-10 untitled
untitled-16 untitled-3 untitled-5

Next, I have a storage cabinet and a bookshelf transformed into a paper…shelf?  The storage cabinet holds snacks and my tea/coffee collections at the top, both of which are very essential, of course.  Often when I come into the studio, I come in the morning and don’t leave until late night and this allows me to function :)  The bookshelf transformed into a paper shelf storage system holds all my paper pads, my portfolio, some smaller sheets of paper, my screenprinting screens and anything else that is large and flat and needs a home.  I’m not liking that color, so I’ll have to think of someway to make it more visually appealing, but I’m saving that for a later date :)

untitled-13 untitled-9

Lastly, I have a more comfy chair, for when someone comes visits me or I need to take a break, read, or eat.  I’ll probably look into a little side table for this guy.  Behind the door, I hang all my bags and my intended-for-grilling-but-used-for-art apron, as well as my rulers, cutting mat and drawing board.  The least exciting part of this studio is the lack of natural light… so when it’s light outside, I try to get at least a little bit from the windows right outside my door.

untitled-6 untitled-2 untitled-4
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  1. Katarzyna laba says:

    It’s cute and cozy!!! i absolutely love the table idea and am going to do the same for my place.. just trying to find bookshelves of an adequate high and chairs to fit!! ;)

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