‘Success, failure and the drive to keep creating’, TEDTalk by Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve had this idea nagging at me for a while now and I’m so glad this TEDTalk was created to verbalize my feelings exactly… What if the best work I had ever done is already behind me?  It’s an awful and discouraging feeling to think that the best has already passed.  It’s hard to keep trying hard after that.  On one hand I feel like I should just stop trying because nothing will ever measure up to that one project that was so well received and that I enjoyed making and had a message that I really and truly believed.  On the other hand, however… I don’t exactly know how to stop, I don’t know what a life that doesn’t thrive on creativity looks like.  How do other people spend their days when they’re not creating?  Ok, that’s an exaggeration, I know there’s other things to life (like passing time by watching five seasons of Breaking Bad but only because you need to fill your time until the next seasons of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards come out, amiright?!), but I cannot picture what exactly I could or would do if I didn’t fill my weeks to the brim with creativity.  It’s how I spent my time as a kid, it’s how I spent my time as a student and here I am at 25, still spending my time in the same exact way.  So, even after I feel like I’ve created something I am so very proud of, I keep going, albeit rather slowly at first.  It’s great to hear Elizabeth Gilbert say the same thing in more and better words in this TEDTalk called ‘Success, failure and the drive to keep creating’.  Here it is below, you should let her explain:


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