Mondrian House in San Francisco

Due to a number of events, I won’t be home today as early as I thought and therefore I won’t be able to write up the blog post I wanted to… BUT, in the meantime, here’s a fun house I came across along the California shore painted like a Mondrian painting.


(Thanks to Maddy for letting me use her photo!)

I love San Francisco’s sometimes wacky and frequently colorful houses. Makes Chicago look quite drab by comparison. What I didn’t love was how cold San Francisco was. At certain points I had four layers on, making me look slightly pregnant in photos, but very warm :)

As a side note, I feel like I can’t not mention this past Saturday’s events. Flight accidents always hit close to home, but this one especially, as it happened ten minutes from where we were staying. My thoughts are with all the victims and I wish those who got injured a quick recovery. It’s terrifying to hear stories like this and always changes the overall tone of travel.

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