Taking on too much? The Power of Less


I recently started reading the The Power of Less by Leo Babauta in my never-ending quest to get rid of clutter and free up my time and space for stuff I actually care about.  It’s a great concept, being more deliberate in how you allot your time.  I’ve always loved taking on too much and doing as much as I can and then dealing with the stress of multiple deadlines all at once.  And multitasking… I love multitasking.  Throughout college, I took more than the suggested course load, I was involved in multiple organizations, I was learning guitar, working almost full time and pushing myself in every possible way.  I was one of those kids.  And at the time, I secretly loved it and thrived but as a result, I wasn’t always really necessarily doing anything really well.  Nowadays, I’ve become a bit more slow paced (or at least, I’d like to think so) but still find myself agreeing to things I know I cannot fit in easily every once in a while.  It’s hard to say no when you just want to do everything :)  I think it’s easy to get caught up in the little and silly things we try to fit in to our every day lives and then harder to make deliberate decisions.  Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting back to my guitar, something I would absolutely love to do, but am not sure I can commit to right now but may try to fit in anyway…  I’d probably make a really amazing guitar player (this is completely sarcastic, I have no rhythm and no coordination).  I really do enjoy it though, so perhaps I can eliminate some of my other habits and make room :)  I’ll just have to make sure I still have time to focus on the art, the running, the photography, the blogging in the meantime.  And maybe fit in some travel and theater and cooking or something in there in the meantime…?  There’s just too many possibilities…

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