Telek the Model – Dog Photography

I’ve been meaning to photograph this little guy for a friend for a while and this weekend he finally had some free time.  Dog photography is easier (for me) than photographing people because I didn’t really have much say in the poses, especially with dogs as antsy as Telek or my pup Misiu.  Acting naturally in front of the camera was not an issue :)  The hardest part was to keep my model in one spot, or at least in one general area and not face the other way and perhaps maybe even, if I got lucky, get some good light on him.  In an attempt to prove his commitment to this modeling gig, he did make some funny faces for me (row three below), which I, of course, appreciated.  I was told that after all the hard work of looking good at the photoshoot, Telek went and hid/slept under some clothes in a closet.  We all have our favorite ways of de-stressing, right?

Telek-1 Telek-2
Telek-3 Telek-4 Telek-5
Telek-6 Telek-7
Telek-8 Telek-9
Telek-10 Telek-11
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