Thankful for…

There are so many things in my life that I am thankful for, I cannot possibly list them all here, but I would like to list at least a few.  While I didn’t grow up with Thanksgiving, and it certainly is not my favorite food holiday either, I love the concept and find it a very important reminder to never take anything for granted.  I am always thankful for the amazing people who come in and out of my life. Sometimes they are friends who stay for years and years by choice, family that has no choice but to stay for years and years, or those that hang out for just a little bit but still prove to be amazing.  I am thankful for all the people that step in when I need help, whether it is stepping in to help me eat an overwhelming amount of delicious food, or just to hang out and hole punch letters for hours.  I am thankful for the comfortable life I lead.  I am thankful for the all the opportunities that I am presented with (I’ll have news on a book that I am included in soon!).  I am thankful to be fortunate enough to be able to have a workspace and time and funds to work in it.  I am thankful for all the amazing families I’ve met through nannying and babysitting with whom I still maintain strong relationships and who still provide me the opportunity to Christmas shop for toys :).  I am thankful for the opportunities I have to help others.  I am thankful for growing up in a society where knowledge was readily available (at least basic knowledge, I’m not inferring that a college education is just handed out here in America).

I am thankful for the roof over my head and for not having to worry about my next meal. (In case you’re interested, you can help provide Thanksgiving meals to individuals in need here (Chicago) or here (New York). I only list these two because one is my home and one was just hit by a devastating storm, but of course there’s more).  I am thankful to be able to travel, to meet people all over the world and to be able to learn something from them, whether it is about myself or about the people around me.  I am, of course, thankful for Misiu-puppy-dog who allows me to cuddle with him but only if I continuously rub his belly.

There’s more, certainly (like being thankful that when Google Chrome crashed a couple minutes ago, I didn’t have to retype this whole post…!) but let’s leave it at that.

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